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Website Design

A few years ago the consensus of opinion of website design was to create a visual communication that browsers cheered. Now web designers are challenged with not only browser demand but also rebuild around keywords and google algorithms changing by the week.  Social networking is also becoming part of the business drive. We are told we design fresh and good looking sites, our customers like what we do. However if we produced several websites every day, we would probably lose originality so a benefit in our work is that we produce a number of sites but not so many that our look becomes samey and therefore our designs remain timeless and fresh. Design must also encompass build techniques and the biggest change here at Sharper Image is technical build knowledge, integrating interfaces, databases and sometimes multiple sites into a solid , fast and performance driven centre of excellence.

The technical website build spec' within a site is where the big changes are. In 1997 we produced our first flash site and until a year ago we would advocate flash use but we have had to change our thinking with the advent of the ipad and its use amongst our customers key contacts ie decision makers using iphones and ipads. so why use flash as your main application? We build complex web systems developed fronting a range of database applications such as sequel server and mysql. The most important activity in our project management of web design and architecture is the scope phase. Companies often head into development of their website without scoping it properly and this leads often to a re-architecture which is costly and disruptive.

Search engines, especially google love fresh content so as clients specify self managed content management systems where regular change is necessary. Blogging/news updates should be cross linked or inbuilt and in the past 12 months the whole gameplan changed so 95% of websites out there need to rethink, redesign and consider a shorter lifecycle for their websites. With our own site as an example we designed our get fit for internet theme and we would be changing this, change needs simply an idea, graphics and text rewrite to home page and so 6 month - 12 month timeframes for design being built around keywords and campaign so it moves fast with the changes abundant in digital marketing.  If the framework of design is chosen well now, these periodic changes offer yoi the chance to freshen up, rewrite and provide new focus to whatever the demands are of your customers and users at that stage.

reoworking graphics around your website is a back to design base requirement but we do not have to redesign the wheel every time that demand arises.

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