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 The Sales Proposition

An advantage or several you can offer your customer above and beyond your competitors offering”.

Its not our quote, one taken down from the internet, but one that we can associate with and our customers associate with.  The usp, often seen as a sales driver however it's importance in marketing is just as compelling.

A strong  sales and marketing strategy would successfully marry up mission statement, sales targeting and marketing strategy.  Many firms sell hard, get successful and then watch their competitors outshine them.  This is most likely a result of the competitor selling hard, then taking the best their competitor firm had in sales terms and then marketing the combined offering better!  It is logical and happens every day in retail around our cities and towns. 

Look at supermarkets price watch and competing around value.  They must work closely with USP.  M&S is a good example,  in the 70's they sold bras, we know as mother used to drag us around there !  In fact they sold underwear well, and took full potential of creating an overbrand being quality packaged food as mums in those days shopped and had less time to cook so USP being quality moved to their food offering. It was unique,

What is your organization’s unique value proposition? If every individual in your company could articulate your value proposition consistently to any prospect and customer at any moment in time. How would that impact your sales efforts?

What Is a Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a clear, concise statement that quickly describes what customers will receive by customer experiencing your organization’s products and services. Strong value propositions communicate how an organization’s products or services deliver measurable results, such as by boosting revenue, reducing employee turnover, increasing market share, and decreasing costs.

The value proposition must speak directly to your customers’ needs. In addition to solving their needs, you should also be crystal clear about what your organization does that’s unique compared to your competitors. It should also present the most compelling reason for customers to do business with you.

As a creative agency that has been around a bit and having worked with some of the worlds leading marketeers and management consultancies we continue to develop our own service to realise the potential of our client.  We bring unique aspects such as out of box thinking,  ideas and creativity that will assist our clients to achieve unique proposition for sales and marketing within their field.

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