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The Marketing Plan

Marketing planning
Sales and marketing plan
Planning your marketing
The business plan
The mission statement aligned to your plan

Surprisingly not all firms have a marketing plan, many business's and we are talking some pretty large organisations included who run their business marketing on pure sales energy with no real plan. Traditionally for budgetting is the reason firms wrote a plan, but with the fast chenging web world we believe a 12 month plan is now a dated concept. The ipad launch again typifying how business changed almost overnight.... reaction to market forces should be written in to a plan. A good plan is short and succinct. most importantly its got to be achievable in budget and targeting terms. try to guess where your market will be in 2 years time and work marketing towards that plan.

We have consulted with many firms to produce marketing plans. These firms are generally SME, do not have a professional marketing director status, and who generally need and benefit from external creativity. Often business's grow in niche markets and that can lead to isolation so third party liason helps the genre. Also there is a misconception nowadays brought around by quick win thinking. TV shows like 'The apprentice and Dragons den ' continually promote short term phenomenon that business should succeed overnight by picking up a phone or making an ad or so on.

In our experience the customers we worked with and who went on to sale produced the greatest volume of sales year 5 onwards and IPO year 10 onwards. The common factor being significant growth in jumps, often unexpected, once market coverage was well set. To achieve this these firms sold and marketed hard for several years taking bigger risks. However once they achieved the sales jump, risk decreased to be replaced with a different kind of worry being supply chain ! Biggest failure rate worth mentioning, too much reliance on one customer. It is  a 'hard to get out of' scenario but one simply must.


Marketing Collateral

There is no definitive list, here are some of the collateral we cover.


  • Corporate brochure
  • Leaflets and fly throughs
  • Advertising design and production
  • Technical Brochures
  • Pdfs for print or publish
  • Newsletters and blogs
  • Point of Sale
  • Posters large (or small ) format
  • Exhibition stand design and build, pop ups and pull ups
  • Dvd and software release
  • Packaging design

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