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corporate identity

Corporate Identity

So often Corporate Identity or brand design is sighted as a feature reason why a firm or product is successful. But experts can be wrong, we asked the founder of how did he choose such a descriptive risky name at a CBI conference recently and he told me that his creative agency warned him off the name so he ignored their advice and went with it !  1.4 million transactions later.... message is think long and hard about your identity!

Strong clear identity helps customers brand association and brand development is a company wide commitment. We have cases of firms that embraced brand on a cusp of change and have worked their firm into far stronger positions by developing ideas and campaigns spun out from the original concepts.  A firms identity is not just about external influence, it is also about internal influence.

The logic is simple, we tend as a race to embrace things that are smart and neat. There are of course rule breakers, but on the whole we tend to buy organisation and reject chaos. Good B2C examples are Jack Wills and Superdry. For corporates similar trends emerged, Apple are excellent branders, the iphone 4 is simply in our opinion as a product no better or that different to a Samsung Galaxy S but branding and market perception allows Apple to charge significantly more on monthly tariffs for their phone.  .... Brand and identity must connect and engage your customers and staff.

There is no such thing as typical identity development.  Considerations for rebrand are most topical as we enter a 4th generational web and smartphone movement.  Our services would extend to


  • Logo and brandmark design
  • Corporate ID development and typeface selection
  • Resulting collateral such as headed stationery
  • Corporate brochure concepts , design and print
  • Corporate showreels and videos
  • Corporate style guides and use of brand

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