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meeting the brief for over 20 years

Our strengths

  • Creative thinkers
  • Conceptual
  • Transformative
  • Strategic
  • Flair
  • Making the Difference
  • Project management
  • Methodology
  • Result Driven
  • Willing to Learn
  • Bold

In 2015 The Sharper Image celebrates it's 25th year.  Beginning in 1990, we built up our studio and client base supporting the technical sector securing BP, Mobil, Fina, KBC and Q8 as clients and creating brochures and exhibition stands as well as providing database lead marketing. We ran Chevron's Eastern European marketing and exhibition campaign just after the iron curtain came down, which was an eye opener!  We then applied the success of those early projects across a wider spectrum and pushed our talents into the skincare and fragrance market as well as biotechnology, software and the construction industry. Our range of skills developed so that we could offer a one-stop solution to ever more marketing focused clients who required increased levels of support as well as good ideas and concepts with increasing levels of production.

In 1994 we invested in the digital arena designing our first website for blue chip ‘Eurotel’.  By 1998 our small but well defined, hard-working team worked with leading technology firms such as Accenture and HP and we developed several cross-Atlantic marketing support projects.  During the dotcom years we  launched the first on-line music streaming website in the UK for a start-up that went public soon after. We worked with a start up 5 man band Abgene, who developed over a decade into a global business, supporting their marketing drives throughout and up to their sale to a US conglomerate.

The broad technical ability of this agency is, we feel, our special and unique strength.  B2B and B2C agency projects require a great deal of skill to create and promote optimally.  Understanding the products and services we represent as well as conceiving sound and successful concepts remain at our core 25 years on.

Right now the digital revolution that we first embraced in 1994 is over 20 years old.  In every technological advancement we believe we picked out early the key developers and we challenge ourselves to be not just a creative agency, but an agency that understands the sales proposition of the firms we represent so we can deliver better value and success for them.