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It is quite possible that every marketing medium ever presented falls short by at least one factor. With on-line media commenting and comments in general, marketeers can easily address this issue but on the whole they don't take the steps necessary or the advice given by their customers, they often miss the hints given.

This is pure customer interaction, the advice given is simply based on buying demand. We are currently looking for a special stone hearth to sit under a woodburner, we want something unique and classic.. the sort of stone you see on upmarket new build town house steps... However on inspection the picture galleries of suppliers rarely provide their full range, the good detail so obviously provided in their work is not evident in range, in other words an opportunity to close in on us is left begging by simply not addressing our desire as a potential customer. This is not a problem just for the stone industry ! And some do a fine job we should add.

Most businesses could do better in the way they visualise the sale using customer queries, we call that the visual sales proposition, and all businesses can use comments in web page or even on email contact forms to work out what they could be showing to meet potential demand. It's surprising with these tools available how little is invested thereafter in visual form to improve the portfolio look and feel and ultimately the sales performance of most firms could be more closely alligned to query.

Disqus, a new website, offers communicative add on tools for comments that could help those marketeers with up to date website architecture. See  this will they claim help you grow your audience which is affectively the same difference as growing potential customer base via blogging !

The big change in marketing in the past decade is the images scene with websites emerging purely focused on this area such as instagram, flicker and pinterest.  In search terms, on several of our key higher volume traffic websites we manage, the gallery is the most searched parameter after the home page. Yet so few firms actually invest properly in visual marketing to improve their sales following customer interactions and so performance both on and off line are affected.

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