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Website safety is fragile, at best

cyber attacks


Most websites are under attack night and day from hackers. Many companies still however manage to hugely under-invest in their own cyber security and web maintenance until the critical point is reached such as major hack or breach. These attacks are becoming synonymous with rogue browsers in Russia, China and Eastern Europe but they are just as likely to originate from the UK via anonymous servers.

Once a rogue file is deposited on a server, it could unfurl and attach itself to whatever files it wants causing disruption or worse. Many websites are attacked via third party websites and plug ins. This can, believe it or not, include major firms and especially around their micro sites and linked content sites but also on major sites (eg talk talk..)

We offer a service for website recovery.  You would not allow a company worker in a store to walk off with your clients credit card details, so why allow a website file on your website to do so?  We research website vulnerabilities, prepare on-line security reports and advise on general weakness and security on-line.


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