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Mozilla Firefox latest upgrade malicious code attack

firefox bug

We have very recently advised clients on this latest mozilla update as mozilla is the preferred choice for wordpress, drupal and magento updates through admin’.

“The exploit took advantage of a bug in Firefox to allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted system by having the victim load a web page containing malicious JavaScript and SVG code. It used this capability to collect the IP and MAC address of the targeted system and report them back to a central server. While the payload of the exploit would only work on Windows, the vulnerability exists on Mac OS and Linux as well,” Veditz wrote.

Veditz acknowledged many security researchers surmised on Twitter Wednesday that the way ToR vulnerability worked was similar to the way the FBI de-anonymized Tor users in 2013. While Veditz stopped short of saying the exploit was created by the FBI or law enforcement, he did float the idea and warned how it could pose a serious threat to privacy.

See more at: Mozilla Patches Firefox Zero Day Used to Unmask Tor Browser Users

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