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How to beat Google AdWords click inflation

google ppc prices increase

Due to both Google changes and the laws of competition, AdWords PPC account holders will generally have to bid substantially higher for their key phrases compared to even just a year ago. However, we cannot see what value is given back to the advertiser for this increased cost. Indeed, advertising budgets will have to increase if paid traffic volumes are to remain even the same.

So try to see through this ... with a bit of persistence and forethought, there will be better ways to invest your hard earned profits. Natural 'organic' Google leads are still highly feasible but, instead, attainable through carefully written text on websites, blogs and social media, paying particular attention to detail around keywords following prior research on popular and profitable search queries. You also need to build your web and blog content in a 'search engine friendly' way. If you use Google Trends or Google Insights (available within the Google 'data centre' suite of tools) search data reveals clues as to how people are searching. One can then use text around those search parameters to hook Google users, with greater relevance to their search and, in parallel, with greater relevance to your product or service.

Specialist blog authoring is a creative and even partly technical process. We offer this as part of our professional Digital Service which is great value compared to the now highly expensive Google AdWords. With one particular long-term AdWords client we have, in fact, got to a stage where we are testing the switching off of PPC adverts completely — so that we can monitor resulting organic leads. Why? Because we are confident that the growth we've nurtured in 'free' organic traffic is now at a stage where it is far outweighing Google AdWords in terms of ROI. So, we can switch the paid leads off entirely for that particular service line, in the knowledge that 'free' Google traffic has now built up to a point where it's doing a more than admirable job and bringing in profits that now far outweigh the once critical AdWords channel.

Before doing so, though, we will carefully monitor changes to traffic/sales/search positions/etc. to see what the effect is on the bottom line. Early indications are that the bottom line will remain more than healthy even without PPC clicks — such is the power of persistence, relevance and strategy when it comes to online content.

As an aside, we also got fed up with Google's executives calling us to 'help' with the PPC settings!  For example, they suggest you add 'bid modifiers' (e.g. bid an extra 10%, often much more) for things like mobile clicks, busy days, successful keywords etc. But we've come to the conclusion that those were ALREADY successful without adding 10-30% extra per click for those types of setting. What it really comes down to is Google pushing the cost of clicks further skyward without any challenge. However, now some of us are waking up to such tactics and are reversing some of the suggested changes.

In the mean time though, Google continue to have dominance in paid search. Our view is that it is a less than healthy state of affairs.

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