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Has Facebook become uncool?

is facebook still cool

A few evenings ago, a large band of mid teens gathered on the common outside my house, they were celebrating their 'schoolie out' as they call it in Australia; the end of natural school year 11, although in Australia they celebrate this at the end of the school year, not just before taking GCSE's !  There was the obvious revelry, noise and shouting, then as midnight approached a clear-out leaving a few die-hards as the temperature dipped down.  I heard the last teen pair leave on the dot of midnight with no pumpkin in sight. The pair were shout-exchanging Facebook details as they trotted off down the road. Not a bad sign for Facebook I thought, as younger users have hardly been real Facebook fans, but it got me thinking, where is Facebook taking its users…


Facebook has, as this article suggests, been changing from a social network to a news-feed-come-conglomerate-business that reflects everything around you that you may want or desire. It has also become a 'not so clever' place to share private details and your on-line profile is important to employers as it dictates how you go about life.


Popularity should not always be measured in user numbers, nor in revenue terms; quality is important... most important in fact to the future of any service.  We have long thought that Facebook has not really changed much since we, as an agency, starting promoting it almost a decade ago.  It is now far easier to set up and mobile FB works too (although it's unsafe) and they released the odd advancement in messaging. However Facebook is still clunky, it is extremely slow, it is bugged to the hilt and it also now drives a revenue-based existence which must affect users' satisfaction.


Furthermore, as the earlier exchange between young teens or would-be friends or even future lovers on the common above me pinpointed, it is the common choice, it’s not special anymore having evolved from the best uni’s in  the world.  Some in the know predict it may well lose market share as the uber cool social media buffs look elsewhere for networks.


In the meantime a friend who runs a major technology desk at an international merchant bank suggested to me over dinner recently that the Facebook share price will likely still double (currently $117 per share) due to its log-in ability and reach in emerging nations and he saw no reason for this to change.  So in terms of stock value or share value that may take longer affects of change to realise a drop, but many in the digital operative world wonder if Facebook has had its best days and the younger users also wonder if its cool to be on Facebook now — or is it becoming old hat? The jury is out on this.


No doubt time will tell, as it will I guess for the ‘teen would be lovers’ to see if their brief  al fresco entwinement followed by a shouty facebook check-up leads to anything...Facebook too could also soon see the colder side of falling in and out of puppy love after a relatively brief, in business historic terms, but magnificent rise to the top.

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