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How to beat Google AdWords click inflation

google ppc prices increase

Due to both Google changes and the laws of competition, AdWords PPC account holders will generally have to bid substantially higher for their key phrases compared to even just a year ago. However, we cannot see what value is given back to the advertiser for this increased cost. Indeed, advertising budgets will have to increase if paid traffic volumes are to remain even the same.

would like to see...

product line marketing

It is quite possible that every marketing medium ever presented falls short by at least one factor. With on-line media commenting and comments in general, marketeers can easily address this issue but on the whole they don't take the steps necessary or the advice given by their customers, they often miss the hints given.

Google improves browsing speed of non-app mobile internet with accelerated mobile pages

Google have decided to go big developing a code to make the non-app mobile internet load and run quicker. This would be as a direct result of competitors' facebook and apple taking share with the latter supporting 'mobile ad blocking' in their software which in theory hurts google and hence the development reasoning. see buzzfeed link here

on-line sales stats show pc is still king

Recent research by The Centre for Retail Research (CRR) reveals that on-line sales are still dominated by the PC/laptop. 89% of purchases are currently executed using a traditional device.

lead generation - measure quality... not quantity

Henry Ford once said 'quality is doing it right when no one is looking'. We all look for praise when working but often it is the hard yards put in behind the scenes that create the best products, services and results. Same goes for lead generation.


We have worked on-line for almost 20 years now.  In recent years we have debated what is next....  The dark or deep web emerging was one view, a human to human pulse wave is another, whatever it is we believe it cannot be far away and if you really look and consider communication a big change is long overdue, the internet is overrun.