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10 years of twitter

jack dorsey twitter

just setting up my twttr — Jack (@jack) March 21, 2006

Tweet Edit or Not to Tweet Edit, That is the Question!


Twitter faces an uphill battle to keep users tweeting. We have always felt from early days that twitter represents a real opportunity to connect quickly with an audience feeding them back to business messages and news. It's a unique opportunity and the only social media channel that is loved by the main media. However more and more twitter users quite rightly question the lack of a tweet edit function.

twitter rumoured to be extending tweet content

twitter longer

There are rumours of twitter expanding it's tweet length beyond the 140 characters currently allowed to perhaps 10,000 characters being the current allowance in a direct tweet.  This is perhaps a watershed moment for twitter. 


super app biz stone

There are plenty of apps and plenty of clever apps.  'Super' the new app by Biz Stone the co founder of Twitter is no exception.  It's not earth shattering as in as revolutionary as snapchat but we liked this story as it shows how the ever optimistic Stone managed to take a failed project called Jelly, which hardly anyone used and turned it into an app with prospects using the theory of 'the bright spot'.

twitter lives on - RIP

copied from twitter feed by Stephen Fry @stephenfry · Aug 12 Devastating news about @robinwilliams — knew him a little and liked him a whole lot more. A brain wired like no other and so so kind.

What Twitter Users Will be Doing this Summer

twitter users summertimeWe liked this research from Twitter evaluating what twitter users are likely to be doing whilst on holiday this summer. OK, so stats from the mothership can be a little pumped but this makes for interesting reading.