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    Google + beaten but not stirred

    Even if you consider facebook just put one over on google by outsmarting them in buying the free messaging service whatsapp (even... READ MORE

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    We have worked on-line for almost 20 years now.  In recent years we have debated what is next....  The dark or deep web... READ MORE

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    Bitcoins Take Position

    Not heard of Bitcoin yet? Back in February this year we got a little bit hooked on all things Bitcoin and ever since have been... READ MORE

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    twitter Lists Huge

    Twitter IPO.... well that more or less confirms what we thought ! I do remember our lead webman Mark many years ago pointing... READ MORE

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    Ranking Factors

    In our blog we often bang on about ranking profiles and the importance of staying ahead of Google tactcis in search.  A... READ MORE

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    Drupal 8 benefits online engagement

    Drupal 7 and now version 8 will give developers easier integration of Ajax and core data structures. To the novice this will not... READ MORE