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    Omni Channel

    The Omni Channel experience is the feeling a browser gets when happy on-line in purchase mode. Some call it multi channel but it... READ MORE

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    twitter rumoured to be extending tweet content

    There are rumours of twitter expanding it's tweet length beyond the 140 characters currently allowed to perhaps 10,000... READ MORE

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    friends no longer

      Well yes, we didn’t use it anymore and had not done for years and yes... it was dated and so on but we have today lost an... READ MORE

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    Google improves browsing speed of non-app mobile internet with accelerated mobile pages

    Google have decided to go big developing a code to make the non-app mobile internet load and run quicker. This would be as a... READ MORE

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    On-line ad revenue domination a worry for independents

      Within any given market there are usually only a few very good solutions for advertising. Hey, can we say that?! Ok...... READ MORE

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    on-line sales stats show pc is still king

    Recent research by The Centre for Retail Research (CRR) reveals that on-line sales are still dominated by the PC/laptop. 89% of... READ MORE