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    search engine friendly with social media

      Here's the thing.  many business owners we meet don’t connect well with social media.  Problem is that their... READ MORE

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    Reviews Boost Your google ranking

    We are seeing yet more marketing revelations brought about by google's latest algorithm changes (called panda ) and the most... READ MORE

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    Google + 1

    Google + 1 is a social network area that allows joining google users to not only interact with their contacts with views, news... READ MORE

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    Facebook Listing for a Reported $100 Billion !!

    In the press today and after some sticky months with the deepening euro crisis, Facebook stunned the financial world today with a... READ MORE

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    SoOS alumni facebook fans page

    As part of ongoing strategy with The Sharper Image, SoOS, the alumni for Seaford College launched both facebook and twitter feeds... READ MORE

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    We have blogged about Google and blogged about SEO in terms of how google works but we have not blogged to brag about how good we... READ MORE

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    Microsoft buys Yammer Business network group

    Microsoft strategy to compete with social media networks took a turn yesterday as it purchased Yammer, the business social... READ MORE

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    Win the tweet game

    Tweet strategy is still in it's infancy. Although microblogging is old hat, using tweets business to business is a growing trend... READ MORE

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    Making the most of Linking content

    A clientphoned today (it is still good to talk isn’t' it) and he suggested that he was behind on social media. We suggested as... READ MORE

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    twitter Lists Huge

    Twitter IPO.... well that more or less confirms what we thought ! I do remember our lead webman Mark many years ago pointing... READ MORE