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    Colours to woo browsers

    For centuries colour has played a major part in how something or someone is perceived. Colours are heavily used by corporations... READ MORE

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    Digital Strategy for Post Digital Age

    Most organisations are likely to be swamped with advice and blogs regarding their on-line strategy. It is we expect a difficult... READ MORE

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    Mobile search changes the game

    The mobile opens up a whole new ballgame in search, search on the move supports GPS which marketeers are using to locate... READ MORE

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    Multi Channel Marketing

    New name, old principal. Since we started in the advertising industry in 1991 we have advised clients on a complete media mix... READ MORE

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    Bad weather benefits on-line sales

    Bad weather benefits on-line sales but sadly HMV cannot benefit as it is in administration and their recovery is not helped by... READ MORE

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    Brand Infringement

    Brands are valuable and have never been more easily duped. There are ungovernable consequences of brand linking and key brand... READ MORE

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    Client Promotion

    WE have been working on a campaign promoting the values of participation. Seaford College choir have now been selected to... READ MORE

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    iconic logo origins

    One often wonders how logo design can shape the future of a firm. Some say it is irrelevant, others set their watches by true... READ MORE

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    Local Radio and TV Coverage for Local Business Messages

    There is the promise of success for brand marketeers working their messages through local radio and TV.  These mediums are... READ MORE

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    brand ambassadors

    People pay more attention to their friends than they do your advertisements If you strip out the obvious hype in this link... READ MORE