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  • Sopa and Pipa cause Industry black out

    There is a shift in power which is growing in momentum. Traditional powerhouses in the film and music industry are losing their grip and so lobby for legislation to TRY TO REGAIN IT. Without taking a political line, the internet is a free area, free to trade and free to move, the world may be a worse or better place for it, who can say..... Legislation proposals like this will get the backs up of the players in the internet and so Wikipedia and Wordpress to name a few decided to block and blank page views as a protest to the The Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa)

  • Google reports more accurate country restricted searches.

    As we are mostly aware Google likes an algorithm change or several each day to keep us all on our toes. The latest changes will be of interest to Global and national marketeers.

    The accuracy of the algorithm to date for country search specifics on a web page determined on a lose formula whereas the latest release will tighten the criteria and therefore give a more consistent search result in where the web documents are originating from allowing browsers to see more specific pages.

    We pick up on this as part of a consistent keyword strategy. It highlights the need to