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  • Reviews Boost Your google ranking

    We are seeing yet more marketing revelations brought about by google's latest algorithm changes (called panda ) and the most interesting is how reviews are resulting in higher rankings. Whats even more appealing is that you can trial this yourself, just pick a well reviewed sector like restaurants, google it and it is apparent that well reviewed pages are marching up the search engines results pages.

  • Colours to woo browsers

    For centuries colour has played a major part in how something or someone is perceived. Colours are heavily used by corporations to build brand awareness. People even choose to support a football side based often on their strip colour . We all choose colours to represent us , but how much research does your firm make into why we are turned on by some colours and turned off by others and how does this affect your business?? During a corporate Identity project we have to evaluate and support design with chosen colour. Here are some examples of colour perception.